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2016 has been one helluva year, it started colorless for me and it became bland and next thing I know I see colours everywhere.
I know everyone has said one thing or the other about this year, but somehow God came through for me.
The soundtrack to my life this year was Intentional by Travis Greene. I realized that everything happens for a purpose and God is intentional about the happenings of my life.

I have decided to share the lessons I learnt this year and I hope it causes you to reflect and appreciate the little things around you.


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I applied for The Platform’s Young Professionals Bootcamp because Chude Jideonwo was going to be a part of it, for the past 1year I have been a Chude fan girl and I got chosen.

So yeah for me!


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Mama Niyen!!

As I slept on the 8th of November, 2016, I expected to wake up to a Hilary Clinton win. It was only right.

I am a woman's woman. But I am not one of those women that will support women just for the sake of women, there is something patronizing about that. Hilary’s message was right and beyond that, she was way too qualified.


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Realizing: that taking stock is making me a lazy blogger, but it gives me the opportunity to blog once a month.

Taking: a fast off social media and surprised at how terribly I did. I decided to get off social media because I felt it was too much of a distraction. I started by deleting Instagram and Twitter off my phone hoping that things would change. But I realized that social media or not, I am not a very good time manager.


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As upcoming fashion blogger that I am

Happy New Month!! This is way too late, but Happy Independence Nigeria.


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Oshey!! Baddest
I am a Bobcat. I love Bobriskyy for someone who is not on Snapchat, I know quite a lot about him. 

Some fun facts about Bobriskyy:

  • The Bob is a cream seller by day and  a motivational speaker and relationship expert at night. He is famous for quotes like:
'If you don't risk things in life, you can never get there' 
' If your bae is a broke azz. delete his number'
  •  He is in love with the letter 'R', what salt is to soup is what 'R' is to Bobriskyy.
  • He is always on fleek, that's probably why haters won't let him be.

Add your own fun facts in the comments section.


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Hi guys!! Happy new month to you too! Its my prayer that all your dreams become your reality this month.
I decided to take stock this month , till the rest of the year. I will be taking a leaf out of Sharon from thisisess.com's book.
Reading: There was a country by Chinua Achebe. Layo and I decided to start our book club last month and that was supposed to be our first book. Let's just say we failed even before we started, but we don't back down, so we will continue this month.


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If you follow me on twitter (I don't know why you are not though), almost everyday I have something to say about my yellow bus experience,from the lovers sharing ube to LASTMA seizing the bus (how do you seize a whole bus though?) How can one person be that powerful?

I think I am done. I think the universe should reward me with a car. I know I sound entitled but please allow me.
In this post I state my reasons and I explain them to the best of my ability.


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We are in the age of political correctness.
Everyone stays woke.
You can't say anything without it being over analysed by strange persons.
Its a good thing and a bad thing.
It means people are not careless with their utterances.
You can't afford to be a closet tribalist or homophobe or an overly religious person, you will be found out.


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In my previous posts I shared about how my auditions went and how disappointing that day was for me.
Well I took a first step in conquering my fears and gave my first speech at my Toastmasters club.
Toastmasters is a club set up for communication and leadership development.
My club meets twice a month at 5th Floor, Atlantic House, 234 Solomon Louis Close, Victoria Island, Lagos (just behind the Silverbird galleria).
If you are in the neighborhood, you can drop by or check the Toastmasters website for a club near you.
So this is my first speech, its titled,' Things I have learnt in overcoming fear'.
I hope its worth your time.


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I fell in love with Asa in 2007 when Dan Foster was still at Cool FM.
I dare you to hate Asa when Dan was on air. He won't even let you breath. The only time he didn't play her songs was during Sunday Praise jam.

I heard Fire on the mountain first then Bibanke and 360 made me fall in love with the person, Asa.
Over the years Asa has dropped good music, with her you don't fear that she will go commercial. Asa has stayed true and remained commercial.


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You remember I started this thing of having goals for the month last month, If you missed it check here?
So I have come to give myself a review, then I decide if I get a pat on the back or nothing.
“Intention without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you.” ~ Andy Andrews


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April is my favorite month, well its my birthday month so its only right.
But beyond that, April is the beginning of second quarter of the year, so you get to re-evaluate your life again.
So what did you plan to do at the beginning of this year and have not, you might want to go back to your drawing board and re-strategize.


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You know how you see those funny project fame videos and you tag all your friends and you all choke on your howls and you ask what was he/she thinking?
See gbabge,that thing can happen to anybody.
Nobody is immune
It happened to me this Tuesday.


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For an overly religious nation, Nigeria constantly disappoints.
Its not the religiosity that irks me alone, its the audacity the arrogance attached to it.
Anyone will do anything inhumane because doesn't like it.
Like He sent them to bring sanity to an insane world.
I saw the picture of a man who was killed because he was caught having sex con-sensually with another man (his partners property was burnt). No,he wasn't raping me.
Did I hear you say but the Bible says this and that about homosexuals?
Did that same Bible not say,'Do not kill', 'Love your neighbors as Christ loves the church' or you developed amnesia?
I know what the Bible says about homosexuality. I also know that killing is a sin and a crime. I also know that jungle justice is against the law of the land.
How dare you, declare someone unfit to live because you don't agree with his way of life.
You can't go about inflicting pain, ending lives of people because God 'hates' it. Did He beg you? What are you? Class monitor for people living in sin? Special assistant on issues relating to homosexual matters.
This great affinity we have taken for the 'my sin is cooler than yours' game is disgusting.
If I take a poll of the persons who were involved in that mob violence, I am too sure we had rapists, serial cheaters, armed robbers, liars, fornicators, drug users, child molesters, bullies,etc among them. But because righteous indignation they believe they are better than a gay man.
I am tired of people who are quick to quote the Bible when it 'favors' their argument ( Do you know that a senator used the Bible as his point of reference, when the #GEObill was passed, when you see that man give him a knock).
Nations are not built on religious inclinations, the reason why a law should be passed shouldn't be because the Bible says in so, so, so ( I see I have digressed).
Beyond God, its a bridge on human rights and dignity.
How is it that your politicians fuck you up every time and you turn a blind eye, how is that a child is raped and I can't get this type of anger, but man and man say they want to 'know' themselves and you send him to meet his maker?
Do you realize that 300,000 children die from malaria annually or that 13 million persons suffer from malnutrition and hunger? And you choose to focus on two people that are not hurting anybody.
Our priorities are misplaced, we keep focusing on the wrong things and it will be the death of us.

*drops mic dramatically*

Don't forget to leave a comment. They make me happy!!


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Have you seen this Lagos sun recently? Every time I go out, I can hear my skin sizzling.
My skin is the meat or plantain, body cream is the oil, the sun is the fire.
Maybe I am just naive but for some reason I always think people have good intentions towards me, its for that reason that when someone offers me a free ride I just hop in.
I have gotten rides from three persons recently and I have stories to tell. Some good, some bad, some na you fuck up.
I entered a ride once and next thing the man is proposing to me. He held my hands and said,'Ify, let's do this'. I take the blame, na me cause am.
Another one told he he will take me to Barbados. I am just tired.


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DISCLAIMER: The songs listed below has below has been said to make the baeless cry. I don't take responsibility for emotional turmoil.
Halla!! *in Francis Odega's voice*
Valentine has reared his ugly head again. Sigh.
SO what are you people that have objects of affection doing for Valentine? Like you ca't be single in peace during Valentine without the world reminding you to step up in  the area of your love life. I have heard o!! Message received.
So i bought Empire CD and I have decide to save it for Sunday.
Valentine is incomplete without music, Valentine owu is catching everyone especially our Nigerian artistes , they have been releasing love songs all week. I will need them to calm down please.
The owu has blown to my side, making me all mushy and all. I know na me go find trouble.
So I just discovered the songs below recently apart from Ololufe and I decided to share.
I hope you enjoy them as I did.


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I didn't plan to run for the Lagos marathon. I know I made a resolution to be fit this year, but I just felt that one was extreme, lets just say I cannot come and kill myself.
I had a program to attend on Saturday so I wasn't missing it for anything. I had heard about the marathon, I just figured that the worst that would happen was traffic, I am a Lagosian, I can't remember traffic killing anybody. I will be irritated. I will swear for Ambode, but I won't die.
 I felt if I left on time, I will just be stuck in traffic but I will still get to my destination.


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Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass

Okay let me share a story.
On Friday, I woke up quite late, I had two appointments to keep, I had my devotional to read (new year, new me),I had promised to make my sister a cake before she traveled back.

So on my preference scale I decided to start baking the cake first, I had it all figured out: mix cake, throw it in the oven, go back to my room and converse with my maker.


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See ehn, if the heat in Nigeria doesn’t kill you, the expensive data rates will.

There are many struggles for android users: bad camera quality and high data rates. IOS users are heavily compensated, at least if you spend your whole money on data, your megapixels will console you.
This post has been due for a long time. It’s been a year since I upgraded my phone and I won’t lie I have not had the best of time.

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