by 18:50
You know how you see those funny project fame videos and you tag all your friends and you all choke on your howls and you ask what was he/she thinking?
See gbabge,that thing can happen to anybody.
Nobody is immune
It happened to me this Tuesday.


by 18:06
For an overly religious nation, Nigeria constantly disappoints.
Its not the religiosity that irks me alone, its the audacity the arrogance attached to it.
Anyone will do anything inhumane because doesn't like it.
Like He sent them to bring sanity to an insane world.
I saw the picture of a man who was killed because he was caught having sex con-sensually with another man (his partners property was burnt). No,he wasn't raping me.
Did I hear you say but the Bible says this and that about homosexuals?
Did that same Bible not say,'Do not kill', 'Love your neighbors as Christ loves the church' or you developed amnesia?
I know what the Bible says about homosexuality. I also know that killing is a sin and a crime. I also know that jungle justice is against the law of the land.
How dare you, declare someone unfit to live because you don't agree with his way of life.
You can't go about inflicting pain, ending lives of people because God 'hates' it. Did He beg you? What are you? Class monitor for people living in sin? Special assistant on issues relating to homosexual matters.
This great affinity we have taken for the 'my sin is cooler than yours' game is disgusting.
If I take a poll of the persons who were involved in that mob violence, I am too sure we had rapists, serial cheaters, armed robbers, liars, fornicators, drug users, child molesters, bullies,etc among them. But because righteous indignation they believe they are better than a gay man.
I am tired of people who are quick to quote the Bible when it 'favors' their argument ( Do you know that a senator used the Bible as his point of reference, when the #GEObill was passed, when you see that man give him a knock).
Nations are not built on religious inclinations, the reason why a law should be passed shouldn't be because the Bible says in so, so, so ( I see I have digressed).
Beyond God, its a bridge on human rights and dignity.
How is it that your politicians fuck you up every time and you turn a blind eye, how is that a child is raped and I can't get this type of anger, but man and man say they want to 'know' themselves and you send him to meet his maker?
Do you realize that 300,000 children die from malaria annually or that 13 million persons suffer from malnutrition and hunger? And you choose to focus on two people that are not hurting anybody.
Our priorities are misplaced, we keep focusing on the wrong things and it will be the death of us.

*drops mic dramatically*

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