by 21:31

This month i have received alot of heart breaking news especially Chaz B's death yesterday and this evening i found out that an old coursemate was sick with leukemia and it broke my heart..
Bash used to be a student of Covenant University, but he left as he fell ill often. He transferred to FUTA and early this year they discovered he was sick with Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia(Cancer of the Blood). He needs 11 million naira to stay alive and only 1.3 million naira has been gotten.
I urge you this day to put a smile on the faces of the Bashoruns. Lets make this Christmas beautiful for them and 2015 even better. Your 1000 naira will go a long way. Nothing is too small.Let's do more than say a prayer, let's contribute.
We might not be able to bring the persons we lost during the course of the year back to life, but we can see to it that this young man stays alive and lives life to the fullest. God bless you..
For more enquiries call: Seun Bashorun on 08132047374
Account details
Diamond Bank Plc
Account name : Bashorun Oluwaseyanu
Account number : 0055612503


by 22:24

Part of my morning ritual is checking Facebook for updates from the interesting raconteurs I follow. Today I checked it as usual and I saw an RIP message addressed to Dr Myles Munroe, I thought it was another rumor, this wasn’t the first time someone would spread death rumors about popular people ;hadn't they said the same about Bill Cosby, 2face Idibia?!  The list is endless. I scrolled again, I saw another update from another friend with the same message. My fears were confirmed.
Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe with their daughter and friends had passed on. Being the dramatic person I am , I threw caution to the winds and I wept. I couldn't justify my tears. I kept saying, 'ifeoma, why the tears?!' I wept because I was just tired, this life is so fickle.. This life that Abubakar Shekau is still alive and killing kids in Yobe,this life that the ISIS still thrives and good people just pass on, it's difficult to come to terms with.
I don’t know how this life works, good people die and rapists, pedophiles, murderers who remain unrepentant get a second chance.
I was just thinking, why was his death not less painful, whatever happened to dying in your sleep?!  why did his whole family have to be on that trip with him?!
See how we kill ourselves over who will continue our lineage, our name. A man and his family died and his legacy still lives on. We forget that our kids are not our legacy, but our good works.
God knows I might never understand why these things happen, but when people like this die, I take time out for self appraisal. What is your legacy?! Are You Ready for life after death?! If you are really honest, are you really living or you are just existing?!  If you die now, will you be dying empty, or you will just be a statistic?! So many questions to ask. I feel like I am rambling, so I will just stop.
Dr Myles lived a good life. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord.
                  Ifeoma N.


by 18:30
I didn’t announce before leaving but I got posted to Imo state for the compulsory one year service to my country. My whole family was happy, afterall it wasn't the north.
Everyone told me how camp was fun!! My morale was high!  I got to umudi camp, nkwerre local government and the smile on my face was wiped off!! I wanted to leave the minute I stepped in.
Below are the ways I can think, will make camp bearable :
1. Let your expectations be low: What i really mean is hope for the worst, expect the worst. Do you know my shock when I arrived camp and saw nursing mothers with their new born babies??Or when my friend woke me up by 3am to bath?! I tied my towel and I said, 'Oya wey the bathroom?!' She said, 'Ifeoma, na outside you go baff. A part of me died there, I felt violated. Me, Ifeoma the daughter of Mr Nwawe is bathing outside, with boys passing by and shining torchlight!! I didn't spend 5 years in school for this foolishness.
2. Don't go with cross country : I know it's already late bgy now. Those people ooze unprofessionalism, the annoying part is that you can't smell it until you are too close.. I arrived camp by 11:30pm, now you get my point.
3. Unleash the gangster/tout  in you:
To be frank, NYSC is not for calm people especially during the registration period. The registration is for 'awon ota'. You know Nigerians and their hatred for due process. If your fake close up smile won't grant you access in the registration hall, you might as well just push. Or better still take your time, afterall you have 21 days to spend there.
4. Forgive them for they know not what they do : People will piss you off, I promise!! It could either be by virtue of what they say or even how they reason. Please don't take offense. People with different schools of thoughts and funny modes of reasoning. Ignore them, if laughing is difficult.
5. The married people :Am I the only one who thinks, most married persons who partake in the nysc scheme can be very annoying and bossy?!
I be like:So because of that gold thing on your hand, I no go hear word abi?!  Ngwanu, continue..
The part that pisses me off is when they feel the need to pray for you the minute they know you have not started planning your wedding. Biko, did I beg you?!  if I want husband, won't I ask God?!  what is my mouth now for??
6. The local champions : You see this people when you are selecting platoon leaders. They won't let you rest, they are everywhere like evil spirits. Ehn, I was the head coach in my department at school, I even followed Nigeria to the Olympics last year. Or. I was social prefect in my secondary school, vote me for head of socials. After you vote them, they are not available when needed and perform poorly. Sigh.
7. Soldiers:The soldiers in my camp were wonderful!!  I am not saying this because my camp commandant was cute!! *covers face *.But they were really funny. Let me announce on this platform that soldiers can't influence your posting, they are not in the administative arm of Nysc, so don't go and start opening body for them.
8. Carry your own money :Chances are you won't like the meals served in the kitchen. It's not like maami market is any better. Just know it could have been worse. Buy your things yourself. People have a warped sense of reasoning. Nothing goes for free.
9. Carry your toiletries and stationery :Things might be unnecessarily pricey.
10. Make friends : I made some incredible friends during the camp period.. I hope you do too..
11. If participating in activities will make the 21 days easy to bear, then do so.
12. Join a religious group :Its very possible to get lost in camp, it's important that you maintain a spiritual connection with God. NYSC can be all shades of frustrating, you will need to stick with God to keep you going. Not only do you need them for spiritual growth, you will need them after passing out parade as many of them make transportation arrangements for corp members to their place of assignment.
I wish you all the best in your various camps. Have a wonderful service year. :-*
I would have loved to upload some pictures but network dey one kain.
                Ifeoma N.


by 15:42
We had a thanksgiving service to thank God for His faithfulness for the past 5 years and also for a convocation ceremony. Its not Iike a few hours is enough to return the gIory to God. In Pastor Ojeme's sermon he said we must understand that thanksgiving was a debt we owed God. He said we whatever good we saw in our lives was because of God and that it could have been worse .
Please if i took any picture on your device, please be nice and tag me, no hoarding of pictures!!
The pictures were aIot!! It was close to a thousand if not more, enjoy!!
See the pictures below;

ifeoma, banke and dumebi


by 14:43

Iayo and I
Everyone bitches about CU, about how life is stressful and unbearable. To be frank i had gotten used to it, at least that's what I teII my self.
I spent a month between May and June and I missed the environment.
There is so much about CU that I wiII miss, but these rank tops.
NEPA: The light condition at home is unpalatable.In school I slept and woke up with  light, i never had to be bothered a;bout ironing my clothes for the next day.
Wifi : Internet access just makes things easier. In school I used to Skype my next door room mate if I needed something. There was no need for unnecessary interaction and the irritation associated with it. I even used to listen to on line radio. Now all I am bothered about is data usage.. How does one survive? We downloaded weekly episodes of scandal. Modern family, glee, two broke girls, etc. Now I have to wait till I get to an office environment and ask the staff there for their network password. How the mighty has fallen.


by 17:30
On Wednesday, I took a bus from Alpha Beach going to Obalende. It wasn’t my best choice for a bus as the vehicle contained just one passenger, I was going to be the second passenger but I just wanted to leave on time. Growing up, if we were going to enter a bus my mum told us to enter one that was filled with passengers, she said it was always safer.
As we moved from one bus stop to another passengers started filling the bus and I was less skeptical.
We got to Jakande and our driver parked wrongly and from nowhere these uniformed men in blue and black


by 08:39

I am blessed to have petite sisters and stylish ones at that. When people ask me where I get most of my dresses I am quick to say, ‘one of my sisters’. It was yesterday I realized how lucky I was to have their hand me downs.
I went to Lekki 1 to check Grey Velvet but nothing was happening there. I went to another shop there and I saw this nice grey lace dress, it fit like a glove, I was in love!!! I decided to check the price tag of the dress, I saw 21k. I hated the dress, I termed it ugly immediately. I felt a slight headache. I swallowed Panadol.


by 11:46

Growing up we all had pet names that our loved ones called us, we didn't always like it. Most times these pet names had a story. Mine was ‘Oma’ meaning good, I didn't know the story behind the name but it stuck. My baby sister’s name was ‘Ochonma’ meaning ‘the one who looked for good’, it meant she liked Shakara, she hated it for a while.
Most of these pet names were suffixed with ‘listic’,’ sco’ or ‘fire’ .
In secondary school, people had nicknames, mine was ‘oneway’. It was the easier way to pronounce my surname ‘Nwawe’. My baby sis adopted it when she joined me.
In the university, you meet your first boyfriend and your feel the need to give him a name to mark territory (whatever that means), it’s at this point, everyone acts cute. You hear names like ‘boo’, ’baby’, ‘sugar’, etc..
Then you get married and become more traditional, you go with ‘darling’,’ dear’, and ‘my heart’.

But the issue is that people go overboard with these names, a relative of mine  calls her husband MY LORD. Way to raise the bar. Which one is my lord, your house na court?
I personally think much of these pet names. But what do I know? So what was your pet name growing up and what ridiculous one do you have in mind for your partner. Let me know..
P.S:If you have products you want to showcase on-line, send a mail to Rita at   rita@hostsleek.com or ritaelohor1@yahoo.com
                                                                                                 Ifeoma N.


by 08:19

The Ultimate side chic
After Boko Haram and Chibok one of the headlines that make me sick is abuse in its variety and it comes in different forms (spouse to spouse, side chick to main chick, main chic to side chic 
The headlines keep changing everyday.
  • Tchidi Chikere's ex-wife still respects and loves him, even though he cheated on her, she says Nuella Njubigbo is the devil behind the failure of her marriage.
  • 14 year old girl beats friend up for smiling at her boyfriend.
  • 15 year old slices neighbours ear for waving at her 'boyfriend', man says he has never seen the two girls.
  • Wife pours acid on husband's girlfriend, she adds pepper to her vagina!!!


by 14:42
Today is my birthday and I think it’s the perfect time to count all my blessings.

  • .       I am grateful for another year added to my life. For me each birthday is God giving me an opportunity to be a better person.
  •        I am grateful for a family that goes out of their way to make you happy, even if its inconveniencing. I am grateful for my dramatic, funny, extremist and prayerful mom. For my baby sis who makes me laugh loud. For my elder sisters that celebrate me at each milestone.


by 19:07
Growing up in the 90's and comparing it to now, its so funny how things have changed. So I will be listing out my Once Upon A Time moments and comparing it to the present.

  • Once upon a time, bleaching was synonymous to illiteracy. It was only the iya onigos, iya eleja, iya eleran, iya ata that bleached. Now, I see babes with good education even with MBA's bleaching. Is it that they dint know that bleaching causes skin cancer or that bleaching your skins, will not bleach your genes?
  • Once upon a time, when you clocked 21, your parents threw a party for you, it involved rented canopies, food cooked by a slightly obese woman who thinks her size is good marketing for her catering skills and Yinka Ayefele's music playing in the background, with cakes shaped in '21' or a Bible, with scriptures like you are the light of the world inscribed on it and covered with pink icing depending on your gender. Now thanks to Instagram, you see hash tags like #turndownke #nikini #forwhat #birthdaywithmylovelies. I cant help but think out loud, who pays for this birthday dinners, the celebrant or everyone pays for their own food? Did I beg to be invited? Don't we all miss the days of attending parties with steaming jollof rice, coleslaw and stewed beef?


by 09:53
Layomi and I have been friends since forever, i lied, its just JSS2.. What am I saying? That's 11 years..
Last year, we decided to mark our anniversary ( we have time abi?)
In my short time on earth, she has been one of the beautiful people God has sent my way and i am grateful for her presence in my life. She has become family, my mum has a soft spot for her..
In secondary school, she fueled my love for reading magazines, she always brought magazines from her dads office from Acada to Guardian Life, how i loved Tosyn Bucknor's write-ups. How she loved Jackie Collins. When she couldn't get me the magazines any more, she introduced me to Bella Naija and we fell in love with Atoke, Glory Edozien and BN weddings.


by 23:03
Eku Odun Falentine!!!
Hey Guys, I can still say Happy Valentine right? How was your February 14? Mine was just another Friday. I went to class; we had a general public lecture and our leadership classes.

You see all through my life I have never being Val’ed, it has never being my portion. Jesus has always being my  boo. Jesus, boo of the booless. All I do on Val’s day is just observe, or ‘aww’ and ‘ahh’ , when I see people with their gifts. On Val’s day, I was so grateful, that I didn't have an Instagram account, the hashtags would have killed me: #seewhattheboogotforme #ilovehim #what willmylifebewithoutyou #blahblahblah.

Well, this year God changed my story (Hallaluyah??) .Most of my course mates broke with their boos , just before Valentine (bad timing abi?), the ones that were dating are in LDRs.
So on Val's day, one of our very beautiful classmates sent us cakes, all 26 of us,that was so thoughtful of him. My friend got me a pack of Milo Cereal (that cereal is the sweetest thing since bread and akara), another friend also gave me a set of cupcakes (don't i have beautiful people around me?)
I want to use this platform to appreciate everyone who made valentine memorable for their loved ones..

The Uncool Side of Social Media

by 11:58
Some days ago on twitter, everyone was retweeting a series of tweets from one babe (let’s call her Miss B). What I picked out from the tweets was that her friend (let’s call her Miss J) stole her box of clothes from her room and she decided to come on Twitter to shame the babe. According to Miss B, she has been so good to this Miss J, the girl confided in her that she had an addiction to masturbation and pornography and she also had some daddy issues.  What I really don’t understand is how someone thinks the best way to report stolen items is Twitter and not a police station or better still a higher authority. Why Twitter?


by 23:43
For anyone who is true to themselves, we know that a sincere self-appraisal is one of the most difficult things to do and since its the season of open letters from OBJ to GEJ to Iyabo to Tolu Ogunlesi , I decided that this season must not pass me by without writing to myself
Dear Ifeoma,
How have u being? Like every typical human, I know your reply will will be fine (why do i even bother?). If your reply is,'i am fine'. Then you lie, because I really don't think so. I will be giving you a piece of my mind as I am not very happy about the happenings in your life at the moment..
I just wanted to let you know that i have being observing the way you have been living your life, and i am not quite happy with. So i will just say it as it is:


by 18:05
In school, we decided to join the church in the annual 21 days prayer and fasting and it has been going well. However what i have noticed is that this semester when we meet buy 6pm to share the Word and The Communion, not many people come, compared to last year, there was an overflow in the chapel..It then occurred to me that last year, at this time exams were around the corner and everybody's spirituality level had gone up by some bars..
This made me realize that most times when you are in environments like mine, we miss the picture.We become spiritual because we want something from God, because we want to do well in our tests,exams, term papers, projects.. It is so easy to get carried away and think that knowing God is about going to church on Sunday (its important!!), all ii am saying is it doesn't just stop there.We forget that with God its meant to be a love affair. Maybe that why after the holidays many people come back and the cycle starts again, we start rededicating or choose to live in guilt.
One of my friends on Facebook, Joy Bewaji put up on her wall that John Legend's All of Me drew her closer to God and I felt whatever gets you there, just know Him..
I am learning to love God outside the four walls of this school, maybe its because in a matter of months it will be over and it will be heartbreaking if after everything there will be nothing to hold on to.
There are too many doctrines like,should you wear trousers as a babe, are you meant to take the communion, should you tie your hair in church, should you pay tithe, should you sit on your pastors lap, should your pastor slap you,should you chew grass..
One thing i have learnt in the past months is to know God for me. Someone might call Him the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, But for me He is the one who is ever faithful, He is my constant even though I could be a variable.. That is who God is to me.
ACTION POINT: Know God outside what your pastor preaches on the altar on Sundays. Your pastor knows God for himself that is why he has something to share with you on Sundays..
So who is God to you? Let me know..
Have a great week ahead..
                                                                   Ifeoma N.
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