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So the other day in school, few  minutes before a test I went to my class to secure a better seat before my test (these things are important).
I entered class and discovered that most Computer Engineering students were in my class, so the class was unnecessarily busy. I cat walked in front to look for the best path to my seat, I didn't find. I walked  again to the back, I didn't still find a way to pass. Okay, let me say the truth, I was really feeling myself that day, I wore this fine shirt that my mum got for me and I felt what the hell, let me just show myself. What is  the worst that would have happened? I would have gotten compliments and I would have said thank you and I will plaster a stupid smile on my face, abi? Well I got the compliments and the stares but they were for the wrong reasons.
Few minutes after and all the Computer Engineering students have left the class and our invigilator comes to tell us to settle down, then he comes again to say, “oya, remove all your books and any item that can implicate you”. In my mind all I can think of is Ifeoma, oya stand up again and show yourself.
So  I walk to the front of the class to drop my bag and when coming back I am fiddling with my belt buckle and Anne says, “Nwawe, what happened to your trouser?”. Immediately she said it I quickly sat down on her seat and discovered that my zip was down. After I have finished walking up and down. Just like that N10 has been taken away from my bride price, its not like it was even that expensive before. In my village bride price is N50, if you price well it can reduce sef.
What is the Moral of this story?
The next time you see people staring at you: especially people who see you  every day, it’s not because you  are too fine o!!!! Check your buttons or zip ( you are welcome). Now at least I have saved you from loosing a great chunk of your bride price. Let me go and think of several ways to redeem my image.
Just thinking out loud, Can we all agree that this weather is annoying ? I know its good for making babies but that is just it abi?   My shoes are suffering for it o!!!
Have you heard Onyeka Onwenu and King Sunny Ade’s “WAIT FOR ME”? Good Stuff. It’s a major konji turn-off.
Make sure you enjoy your weekend..

                                                                                    Ifeoma N.


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Since this semester began all I have been seeing is a battalion of spill over students. In fact, if you gather them they are enough to start of whole set of new students, its that bad o!!!!!! Truth be told that is one of my many motivations for reading, knowing that school will no longer be lenient to students who don’t clear their papers scare me but another factor that makes me shiver is MY FATHER!!
I swear if the idea of failing ever crosses my mind, I will pay him back his money, aswear!!! Money must not even waste. Where will I see 600k to drop and give him?
The other day I was supposed to have a test (EIE 517 taken by the Almighty Dr Daramola) and he just told us the day before, plus the course is one kain sef.
That is how I carried my bed to Clara and Dums room to sleep, comfort was a luxury I couldn’t even afford don’t tell me it’s just test 1, biko. Its that kind of non-chalancy that puts a babe in trouble.
Well, I will be having these plenty tests till next week and I can only wish my course mates and I success, this cross we have decided to bear ehn, we will carry it till we get to the finish line ( Aprll or is it May?2014)*sigh*.
Today is my friend Tosin Sofowora’s Birthday!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, luv.
I finally took your advice and changed the blog template, many of you complained that it was too distracting, I hope you like it (well if you don’t let me know but bear in mind that I will be swearing for you J)
Have a great weekend ahead!!!!!

                                                                                                            Ifeoma N.
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