by 13:49
Oshey!! Baddest
I am a Bobcat. I love Bobriskyy for someone who is not on Snapchat, I know quite a lot about him. 

Some fun facts about Bobriskyy:

  • The Bob is a cream seller by day and  a motivational speaker and relationship expert at night. He is famous for quotes like:
'If you don't risk things in life, you can never get there' 
' If your bae is a broke azz. delete his number'
  •  He is in love with the letter 'R', what salt is to soup is what 'R' is to Bobriskyy.
  • He is always on fleek, that's probably why haters won't let him be.

Add your own fun facts in the comments section.


by 14:46
Hi guys!! Happy new month to you too! Its my prayer that all your dreams become your reality this month.
I decided to take stock this month , till the rest of the year. I will be taking a leaf out of Sharon from thisisess.com's book.
Reading: There was a country by Chinua Achebe. Layo and I decided to start our book club last month and that was supposed to be our first book. Let's just say we failed even before we started, but we don't back down, so we will continue this month.
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