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Layomi and I have been friends since forever, i lied, its just JSS2.. What am I saying? That's 11 years..
Last year, we decided to mark our anniversary ( we have time abi?)
In my short time on earth, she has been one of the beautiful people God has sent my way and i am grateful for her presence in my life. She has become family, my mum has a soft spot for her..
In secondary school, she fueled my love for reading magazines, she always brought magazines from her dads office from Acada to Guardian Life, how i loved Tosyn Bucknor's write-ups. How she loved Jackie Collins. When she couldn't get me the magazines any more, she introduced me to Bella Naija and we fell in love with Atoke, Glory Edozien and BN weddings.


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Eku Odun Falentine!!!
Hey Guys, I can still say Happy Valentine right? How was your February 14? Mine was just another Friday. I went to class; we had a general public lecture and our leadership classes.

You see all through my life I have never being Val’ed, it has never being my portion. Jesus has always being my  boo. Jesus, boo of the booless. All I do on Val’s day is just observe, or ‘aww’ and ‘ahh’ , when I see people with their gifts. On Val’s day, I was so grateful, that I didn't have an Instagram account, the hashtags would have killed me: #seewhattheboogotforme #ilovehim #what willmylifebewithoutyou #blahblahblah.

Well, this year God changed my story (Hallaluyah??) .Most of my course mates broke with their boos , just before Valentine (bad timing abi?), the ones that were dating are in LDRs.
So on Val's day, one of our very beautiful classmates sent us cakes, all 26 of us,that was so thoughtful of him. My friend got me a pack of Milo Cereal (that cereal is the sweetest thing since bread and akara), another friend also gave me a set of cupcakes (don't i have beautiful people around me?)
I want to use this platform to appreciate everyone who made valentine memorable for their loved ones..

The Uncool Side of Social Media

by 11:58
Some days ago on twitter, everyone was retweeting a series of tweets from one babe (let’s call her Miss B). What I picked out from the tweets was that her friend (let’s call her Miss J) stole her box of clothes from her room and she decided to come on Twitter to shame the babe. According to Miss B, she has been so good to this Miss J, the girl confided in her that she had an addiction to masturbation and pornography and she also had some daddy issues.  What I really don’t understand is how someone thinks the best way to report stolen items is Twitter and not a police station or better still a higher authority. Why Twitter?
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