by 21:12

Hi guys!!

On today's winners and losers, I will be reminding you that Nigeria doesn't care for you, so lets all find every opportunity to live the Nigerian dream.

Just in case you are not aware, the Nigerian dream is to move to Canada and allow cold kill you, better to die in snow than without light.

That is why these 'I am a King in my country' people make me chuckle. What is this royalty you speak of? What is glorious about a 56 year old baby? Don't sell me that 'Nigeria has potential' dream.
Not today, Satan.


by 15:56

I decided to start a new column this year, where I do a weekly review of events that happened what I think and declare winners and dish out Ls for losers to chop.

This idea came on one of those days I planned to meet up with Layo, the plan was to make a video while she drove and she will be my co-presenter for banter sake.

That date did not happen because life happens, so I decided to just write till I am ready to start the YouTube channel, but what is a YouTube channel without a white man as a co-presenter and husband?
I digressed.
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