by 11:57

Have you seen this Lagos sun recently? Every time I go out, I can hear my skin sizzling.
My skin is the meat or plantain, body cream is the oil, the sun is the fire.
Maybe I am just naive but for some reason I always think people have good intentions towards me, its for that reason that when someone offers me a free ride I just hop in.
I have gotten rides from three persons recently and I have stories to tell. Some good, some bad, some na you fuck up.
I entered a ride once and next thing the man is proposing to me. He held my hands and said,'Ify, let's do this'. I take the blame, na me cause am.
Another one told he he will take me to Barbados. I am just tired.


by 21:36

DISCLAIMER: The songs listed below has below has been said to make the baeless cry. I don't take responsibility for emotional turmoil.
Halla!! *in Francis Odega's voice*
Valentine has reared his ugly head again. Sigh.
SO what are you people that have objects of affection doing for Valentine? Like you ca't be single in peace during Valentine without the world reminding you to step up in  the area of your love life. I have heard o!! Message received.
So i bought Empire CD and I have decide to save it for Sunday.
Valentine is incomplete without music, Valentine owu is catching everyone especially our Nigerian artistes , they have been releasing love songs all week. I will need them to calm down please.
The owu has blown to my side, making me all mushy and all. I know na me go find trouble.
So I just discovered the songs below recently apart from Ololufe and I decided to share.
I hope you enjoy them as I did.


by 12:14
I didn't plan to run for the Lagos marathon. I know I made a resolution to be fit this year, but I just felt that one was extreme, lets just say I cannot come and kill myself.
I had a program to attend on Saturday so I wasn't missing it for anything. I had heard about the marathon, I just figured that the worst that would happen was traffic, I am a Lagosian, I can't remember traffic killing anybody. I will be irritated. I will swear for Ambode, but I won't die.
 I felt if I left on time, I will just be stuck in traffic but I will still get to my destination.
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