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The internet space has been abuzz with pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Ese Walter's story.
To be honest i think the both of them are at fault, the fact that Ese decided to make it public doesn't make her the saint here. As far as i am concerned i think they were two adults who decided to just act naughty.
I have no love for women who decided on their own to have affairs with married men and later cry foul, its just not right. If Ese wants closure good for her, she should go and settle with God and apologize to pastor Biodun's wife, now that closure. All these coming online and mentioned names is just disrespectful to  the man's wife, its bad enough that you slept with her husband but for you to now decide to make it public is just wrong.As far as i am concerned you are not a victim, you are a young woman who had the opportunity to choose between right and wrong and you made your choice.A grown man tells you to feel free and sit on his laps, you sef siddon, for your mind na firewood him be abi?
As for pastor Biodun, nothing annoys me like a person who takes their leadership position for granted, you have been kept as a shepherd for lost sheep and all you can think of is to sleep with the ones who come to you for help? Haba, fear God. Its hypocritical that most Saturdays you join young men and women who have decided to stay together and chances are that they look up to you. Be a man and stop saying you will return with a robust reply. is it a competition for the one with the best PR guys? Man up and say you are sorry, real men make mistakes and accept responsibilities, stop playing politics.
To my fellow congregants, I think as Christians we have forgotten that we are meant to look up to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith not our pastors, many of us have failed to remember this so we see pastors as demi-gods who can do things and get away with with because they have a special type of grace.
I think its high time we start demanding answers and responsibility from our spiritual leaders instead of shouting 'all is well', 'bless you', 'my wife and I love you'. Life is more than black and white it has plenty shades of grey, you cant just keep seeing things at the surface level.
Lets discuss, what do you think?
Have wonderful week ahead!!!!
                                                         Ifeoma N.


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Before resumption I decide to take time out and bond with my friend Nancy, I just met her and we really hit it off nicely, she is one of the nicest persons I have met both living and dead. We decided to see Yvonne Nelson's House of Gold which was meant to show by 3pm. The plan was to leave by 2pm but I cajoled her to make it 2:15 as I was cooking for the family. After cooking, I took my bath and even ate an Nncy had not called me to say,'ifeoma, oya come to your busstop, I will pick you up from there'. So I called her and her number several times and it wasn't going through.
I thought Nancy had left me so I vexed and took a bus to GDC, Nancy was still not there. So I decided to just hang around the cinema, after a while Iwent to the bookshop close to GDC because I saw Bobo Omotayo's London life Lagos living book, as I checked the price it was N3500, I quickly respected myself and dropped it back(remind me to borrow Elijah or UB's copy).
After I finished from the bookshop I went to the cinema railings hoping to see NAncy
10 minutes later

One boy came to meet me(can I say something?The fact that you are taller than me is not enough reason for you to come and start a fruitless conversation, ehn ehn it is not allowed), he said his name was Nnamdi and he had just finished seeing Wolverine in 3D with his friends and he was still bored(what do people really want?). I asked him, 'can't you go back home?'. He said he was new in town and he wanted to flex. I said, 'Have you checked the book shop, they have nice books there'. He gave me the most ridiculous answer, 'No o!!! I am not that dry joor. See this small pikin, so because you just gained admission  and you are trying to form nonchalance is the new cool, aya e lenu.
I don't just understand kids of nowadays. To  honest I think being geeky is the new cool. I think reading makes you an interesting person to interact with,with reading you connect with the experiences of others and adopt them as yours (if you want to sha).
After Nnamdi and sons left me I went back to the bookshop and started going through the books and I even noted down some titles I can get online for free(don't judge me, their books are ridiculously expensive), I have actually missed reading books maybe that's why I am really excited about my resumption.
Well I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the beautiful people at Cyberspace Network Limited , y'all won't be forgotten in a hurry, especially Prince thanks for the branded radio, I am really grateful.
It's being two weeks since resumption and many students haven't resumed and I believe for most of  them it's because of the increase in fees this semester, can you please say a word of prayer for them?
Have a wonderful Sunday service.
                                                                                     Ifeoma N.


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Hi everybody, Its being a while, I have been so lazy, lets just say I have had nothing to actually put up.BTW, pardon this title.
A week ago i saw on some blogs that Funke Akindele had separated from her husband of one year and when I saw it I was just sad. Maybe its because I am a firm believer of marriage and family and its just heartbreaking how people most people look up to decide  that they cant stay together anymore, how bad can it possibly be? This is not a self-righteous piece saying what she did was good or bad, I wasn't with her in the marriage.
Yesterday, I saw that Betty and Soni Irabor celebrated their 30th year in marriage, and for some reason I was just happy. I think its good to see people you look up to succeed in something you believe strongly. Its good to see that people make up their mind to love each other even when they don't feel like it.
Well this piece is dedicated to firm believers  like me.
Most of my friends graduated last week Friday, so I am taking this time out to congratulate them.You all deserve it
                                                                   Ifeoma N.

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