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In my previous posts I shared about how my auditions went and how disappointing that day was for me.
Well I took a first step in conquering my fears and gave my first speech at my Toastmasters club.
Toastmasters is a club set up for communication and leadership development.
My club meets twice a month at 5th Floor, Atlantic House, 234 Solomon Louis Close, Victoria Island, Lagos (just behind the Silverbird galleria).
If you are in the neighborhood, you can drop by or check the Toastmasters website for a club near you.
So this is my first speech, its titled,' Things I have learnt in overcoming fear'.
I hope its worth your time.


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I fell in love with Asa in 2007 when Dan Foster was still at Cool FM.
I dare you to hate Asa when Dan was on air. He won't even let you breath. The only time he didn't play her songs was during Sunday Praise jam.

I heard Fire on the mountain first then Bibanke and 360 made me fall in love with the person, Asa.
Over the years Asa has dropped good music, with her you don't fear that she will go commercial. Asa has stayed true and remained commercial.


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You remember I started this thing of having goals for the month last month, If you missed it check here?
So I have come to give myself a review, then I decide if I get a pat on the back or nothing.
“Intention without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you.” ~ Andy Andrews

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