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I love radio!! One of my favorite programs is Sharing Life's   issues on Inspiration Fm hosted by the beautiful Wana Udobang.
Yesterday, the topic discussed was about sexual harassment in universities. She was talking about some students in UNILAG's creative Arts department who were protesting and as usual it wasn't given enough publicity by the media. The first caller called and she refused to mention the name of the school or lecturers involved, however she mentioned the name of the department (biko of what use is the department without the school in question?)
It just got me thinking, these people are not ready to fight this issue, if you are going to fix a challenge, how about you address the issue by saying it as it is? It is irritating how this case of sexual harassment has become normal. One of the callers said, 'its the fault of these female students o! they dress to kill'. That is just trash. The issue of how you dress is a thing of the mind, even if you wrapped a tree with a skirt these men will still chase the tree!! I kid not.
Another mumu caller said why are the girls complaining, that most of them sleep with married men for money, that its the same as sleeping with lecturers for grades, she said the lecturers didn't ave money to give the girls so they used good grades as a substitute. One might say she has a point but I choose to disagree even if a girl sleeps with a married man, she did it because she wants to do it, she wasn't forced!!(Please I don't support sleeping with married men,but to each their own, its an issue for another day).
A woman called and said 21 years ago she was asked out by her lecturer and 21 years after, sexual harassment is still part of the system. Another lady wasted 2 years of her life because he refused to listen to listen to her plea even after her mother begged this man.
Sexual harassment is NOT normal, we shouldn't get used to it. 2015 is around the corner and these politicians will start campaigning, it is these areas that they should focus on.
The future leaders of  tomorrow are in these schools and they are getting frustrated, education should not be frustrating. We don't want frustrated people graduated every year, who are indifferent about our nation. We cant come this far as a nation and still be battling with this ugly disease.
Ministries such as Ministry of Education, Ministry for Women Affairs, Ministry for Youth Affairs should step in and take these things personal, stricter rules should be put in place and the police should be involved.
How about we start by mentioning the names of schools, lecturers and record such conversations with your latest android smartphone (the phones are not just meant for snapping pinshure!!!)
Till I come your way next time, have a fabulous weekend..
                                                                                              Ifeoma N.


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Royalty-free Image: Children playing with balloonsHolla!!!!!How was your weekend? Mine was really eventful, activities boku!!

On Sunday, I went to visit a friend at Agungi (bitches be like, i live in lekki, na river jare) and her aunt had the most  amazing kitchen ever. KITCHEN OF LIFE!!!!!!I couldn't even contain myself, it was on point!!
On Saturday, my cousin and her daughter marked their birthday. Kids were everywhere, they were shouting, crying and throwing tantrums. I almost lost my sanity.
On a brighter side there was a lot to take:both food and drinks(or so i thought). Few hours into the party, everything edible was gone!! Later, my cousin discovered that one of the ladies who came to cook actually packed some food for herself (that food would have fed 5 people). As we were still complaining another lady came and she was really saying, 'shey, meat still dey? I wan carry so my husband go chop?'
"ehn, if chicken was your husband's problem why didn't he come for the party?'. Since when did it become your host's job to feed your hubby at home? Nigga, please fry meat for your hubby if that is his problem.
Isn't it annoying how guests come for a party and all they want to do is stuff their bags with food that is meant for other guests?
The one that actually upset me the most is the way the drinks finished God knows that i had plans for one bottle of SNAPP but the real owners did not allow me.
Dear friends, family and enemies  if you steal from me at my party whether edible or valuable you will choke!! I love you too, I hope you understand..
Please, have some self-respect, when you go for a party, don't steal from your host, if they give you take. All these nylon tins/take-away tins no be am at all! Person dey big pass biko.
After this has been said, I want to make a big shout out to Aunty Lola, she cooked the fried rice(the one they stole) and she baked the cake (it was just lovely). I just love her personality.
Have a lovely week ahead.
                                                                                       Ifeoma N.


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It's Coming

Today's Scripture:

…Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come…
Habakkuk 2:3, NKJV.

Today's Word:

If you will keep God first in everything you do, He promises that He is going to crown your efforts with success. Because you diligently seek Him, a reward is coming. Favor is coming. Good breaks are coming. Promotion is coming. A shift is coming. Healing is coming. Restoration is coming. It may seem like it’s taking a long time; you may feel like you’ve been holding on forever, but keep holding on. The promise will be fulfilled through faith and patience.

Waiting doesn’t mean do nothing; it means get prepared. Now is the time to get ready. God doesn’t want you to live an average, ordinary life. Because you depend on Him, He is going to increase you. You are going to bear much fruit. He is going to make you more productive. You’re going to get more done in less time. He is going to make your life easier and take you where you could not go on your own. It’s going to be greater than you ever even dreamed of. Get ready because it’s coming—every promise you’ve stood in faith for, every dream He’s placed in your heart that you’ve contended for is coming to fruition in Jesus’ name!

Prayer for Today:

Father, thank You for Your faithfulness and goodness in my life. I know that through faith and patience I will receive Your promises. Help me to be ready; show me what to do so that I am in position to receive everything You have prepared for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Culled fromVictoria and Joel Osteen's blog
Today's song is Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up.

                                                 Ifeoma N.


by 08:23
Hi everybody!!! i decided to start this section on the blog which focuses on the spiritual aspect of life. You can thank me later. Hope you enjoy it.. Have a wonderful day ahead. Today"s song is
Hosanna by true worshipers.

God's Book of Remembrance

Today's Scripture: Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name.  Malachi 3:16, NIV

Today's Word:
Do you ever keep special cards or emails from loved ones? People do this because those words of love and adoration are important. In the same way, your words and thoughts of love are important to God, too.

Did you know He has a Book of Remembrance? In this book, every time we talk about Him or thank Him for His goodness, He has the angels write it down. When you just think about God, the angels record it. In fact, this moment right now, the angels are writing it down in the Book of Remembrance. This book is not up in a storeroom shelf in heaven somewhere. The scripture says, “It stays constantly before God, wide open, as a reminder of those who are thinking of Him.”

God loves you so much and values your love, too. All throughout the day, be determined to keep God in your thoughts. Meditate on His promises and thank Him for His goodness. When we keep our minds focused on Him, we won’t be distracted by the cares of this world. When you let your love for Him show, it pleases His heart and draws you closer to Him each and every day.
Prayer for Today:
Father, today I turn my heart and mind toward You, thanking You for Your goodness and faithfulness in my life. I bless You today because You are worthy. I hold Your truth close to my heart so that I can always be pleasing to You in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Culled from Joel and Victoria Osteen's blog

Ifeoma N.


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When i resumed work this morning i didn't expect to discover a new song but i did.. My wonderful friend @jite_o plugged his earphones in my ears and forcefully dedicated the song to me. I checked for the lyrics and i fell in love!!!But Adam Levine is actually cute..
I hope you  love it too. Have a wonderful day ahead.. Thank God work go soon close.
Ifeoma N.


by 12:05
I'm a chatterbox, many of my friends keep saying, 'Ifeoma, you can talk for Africa sha!!!'. I even intend to make a living out of it one day.
I'm an intern at Cyberspace(free advert already??) and i work at the customer care department which is meant to be the most serene department in the office but ots the opposite in our case. I must admit that most times i add to the noise. My boss has threatened to stone us with stuff if we make noise when a call is being made.
On one fateful Friday, I was talking (i swear it wasn't a godless chatter!!!!) about something work related to an engineer and my voice was raised ( I can't help it) and she was making a call but it didn't occur to me, I actually thought it was one of those personal calls during office hours. In fact I felt it didn't count cos it wasn't work related and immediately i had the sound of a key holder and it hit the table just immediately I sat down and it hit the engineer I was talking to and I was MAD!!!!!! That key holder could have injured me or I might have had a nasty headache throughout the whole day..
The painful part was that she was justifying her action  by saying I was making noise!!!!For the love of sugar, it was work- related!! The one wey pain me pass na when she no say sorry.
This brings me to the essence of this post, is one ever too old to apologize or acknowledge that you are wrong?
To be honest, I'm sick and tired of elderly people (she is not even that old, my mom is way older) thinking that once they have passed a certain age, courtesies are overruled.
I have a great relationship with my mom today not because we are awesome at relationships but because my mom have never felt too old to apologize when wrong.
its easy for someone to say, 'Ifeoma, your own too much sef, make matter rest'. I refuse to rest because i find all these things very disturbing.
I think people should just learn to be civil to each other whether they are your superiors, equals or subordinates.
That said, I can only hope that in my dreams someone is nice enough to add Valium to her tea.
                                                        Ifeoma N.


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Hi, I'm Nwawe Ifeoma.

I started this blog because i wanted to really feel responsible for something. Everybody (friends and enemies sef) have being telling me, 'ifeoma, start your own blog' and for some reason i have being planning and planning for this grand opening and well the day never came. To be honest my greatest fear is failure. What if nobody reads this, what if i get cyber-bullied? Too many questions. But come to it, What if not?
On Sunday, my pastor"s wife told the story of David and Goliath and she told it in a different light. She said most times we mistake fear for caution, then she further advised be cautious but not careless and that stuck!!!!!
Recently my friends at work (Nate, Steve and Ife) were talking about how planning and over-thinking things never really help you, they said on the long run it doesn't really benefit you.
So i'm dedicating this blog post to everybody who carried my matter like government work and advised me to start this blog, una too much from my mother,Ify, Tola, Layo, Adeola ,Dumebi, Ife A. Nate..
I finally did it!!!!!!
N.B: if you have any suggestions on how i can improve, please let me know
                                        Ifeoma N.

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