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For anyone who is true to themselves, we know that a sincere self-appraisal is one of the most difficult things to do and since its the season of open letters from OBJ to GEJ to Iyabo to Tolu Ogunlesi , I decided that this season must not pass me by without writing to myself
Dear Ifeoma,
How have u being? Like every typical human, I know your reply will will be fine (why do i even bother?). If your reply is,'i am fine'. Then you lie, because I really don't think so. I will be giving you a piece of my mind as I am not very happy about the happenings in your life at the moment..
I just wanted to let you know that i have being observing the way you have been living your life, and i am not quite happy with. So i will just say it as it is:


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In school, we decided to join the church in the annual 21 days prayer and fasting and it has been going well. However what i have noticed is that this semester when we meet buy 6pm to share the Word and The Communion, not many people come, compared to last year, there was an overflow in the chapel..It then occurred to me that last year, at this time exams were around the corner and everybody's spirituality level had gone up by some bars..
This made me realize that most times when you are in environments like mine, we miss the picture.We become spiritual because we want something from God, because we want to do well in our tests,exams, term papers, projects.. It is so easy to get carried away and think that knowing God is about going to church on Sunday (its important!!), all ii am saying is it doesn't just stop there.We forget that with God its meant to be a love affair. Maybe that why after the holidays many people come back and the cycle starts again, we start rededicating or choose to live in guilt.
One of my friends on Facebook, Joy Bewaji put up on her wall that John Legend's All of Me drew her closer to God and I felt whatever gets you there, just know Him..
I am learning to love God outside the four walls of this school, maybe its because in a matter of months it will be over and it will be heartbreaking if after everything there will be nothing to hold on to.
There are too many doctrines like,should you wear trousers as a babe, are you meant to take the communion, should you tie your hair in church, should you pay tithe, should you sit on your pastors lap, should your pastor slap you,should you chew grass..
One thing i have learnt in the past months is to know God for me. Someone might call Him the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, But for me He is the one who is ever faithful, He is my constant even though I could be a variable.. That is who God is to me.
ACTION POINT: Know God outside what your pastor preaches on the altar on Sundays. Your pastor knows God for himself that is why he has something to share with you on Sundays..
So who is God to you? Let me know..
Have a great week ahead..
                                                                   Ifeoma N.
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