Mama Niyen!!

As I slept on the 8th of November, 2016, I expected to wake up to a Hilary Clinton win. It was only right.

I am a woman's woman. But I am not one of those women that will support women just for the sake of women, there is something patronizing about that. Hilary’s message was right and beyond that, she was way too qualified.

So imagine my frustration when I realized that he won, I cried. I cried out of frustration because to be honest, I needed that win too. I almost felt like there was now winning for the woman. It felt like no matter how hard we tried, the ‘it’s a man’s world message’ is still a popular one.

Look at the man who preached hate and fear all through his campaign, serial divorcee, misogynist, and bigot, tax evader I could go on and on. Then Hilary had one sin and somehow it was unforgiveable.

They tore at that woman, she couldn’t just win. She is judged for her personal choices (something as flimsy as keeping her maiden name) She is still judged for Bill's affair. She is blamed for his cheating, maybe if she was a Stepford wife, he wouldn't have cheated. She is judged for staying with a husband that cheated, they say she is not strong enough. She was even judged for being too prepared.

I hate that she was forced to bend, appeal to society, and be likeable.

You know how you ask people the 'What are you bringing to the table' question? Hilary is the fucking table and I hate that she had to try so hard to appeal to the larger populace.

I am forced to ask when the woman will win.
I watched a video where a lady said she didn't vote Hilary because the job of the president was not a woman's job.

Another said women are hormonal, that she could start a war, if she was having a mood swing, like all wars in the past have not been caused by men.

So you see my disgust when I hear people deny how prevalent gender inequality is? It exists. Damn it! It exists.

So if you wonder why feminists are always angry it’s because as a woman in most cases, that’s enough for you to be disqualified, your qualifications will never be enough, your values may never be enough, but as a man all you have to do is show up, sometimes with no plan, but just show up.

It gets more annoying because women don't even understand our need for liberation.

And by God, I am fucking tired. I am tired of explaining to people that nobody is kind to women, that she is placed on an annoyingly high pedestal and people can’t wait for her to fall.

This was very important for me, It would have been to beyond nice to see someone like me representing power, especially someone who preaches values I believe in. 

But we move!!I am grateful to Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton for placing a massive crack on that glass ceiling, one of these days, sooner than we expect that ceiling will be broken. History will be kind to you. You are a rock star!!

Note: I am aware this election was beyond gender bias, but I am also aware there were times when gender came to play. Maybe if Trump was female he may have still won, but I am sticking with the facts I have on ground and not what ifs.

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