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For the past few weeks, I have found reason to visit the school health centre and its one trip I dread mainly because of the unfriendly nurses there. What is with nurses and inhospitality? I can’t remember meeting an excited nurse: does it boil down to lack of passion? I can understand if it’s just one person, but in every hospital there is one irritated nurse who is ready to talk to any patient anyhow. Or is it a case of having authority or power.Last week, I took a friend to the health centre and seeing she was weak, I felt the responsible thing to do was help in filling out her form and letting the nurse know her condition as she was quite busy (who send me ?). I filled out the form and I say, ‘Good morning ma, my friend is not feeling fine, this is her form’. See her retort, ’Ehen? What now happen? Did I talk to you?’.  In my head all I can think of is ‘Owu!!! Where did that come from? Why so angry? Are we sharing boyfren? Even if we are, e never reach’.


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Is that a rat i see using my blog space to play? *pursues rat with broom* *phew*
How una dey? long time no see!!!! Let me start explaining what happened.
My fellow brethren, this semester has not being easy but God has been faithful from: my laptop messing up 3 months after purchasing it to my sister's laptop messing up after she gave me hers to replace mine.
I have seen it all, someone even went as far as changing my login details for my internet access (so much for raising a new generation of leaders)
At the beginning of this week, my friend comes to my room and says, Ifeoma, my sis brought this system for me but you can have it till she comes to collect it. Just when i had given up on getting a laptop to read for the semester. You see how God works in miraculous ways, when you are not expecting or when you are not calculating.
At the beginning of the semester..
after the tests, exams and bad laptops!!
This semester has being my most stressful, I  have lost all the weight i gained during SIWES, my colleagues at work even dedicated Iyanya's ur waist to me (is that one, even a compliment?)!!!!!! Now I look like a bag of bones with a Chinese bum.
I have even grown darker my friend suggested I use handy handy to bleach my skin, LMAO!!!! Who says that?
The semester ends in 10 days time and I am grateful to God. I keep saying that after everything i have seen in the past 4 months I can go through anything in this life.
I am grateful for all the relationships I forged this semester, the ones that had issues and will heal over time.
I am grateful for financial blessings (at least, whenever I am broke I have money to call home and say, Iya, ko si owo, compared to my 100 level days.
I am grateful because this semester, I have had a wonderful time in God's presence.
I could go on and on but we all get the message.
Seeing that the year is about to end and one of my new year resolutions was to live a life dedicated to reading, I decided to start reading books by African authors.
When I learnt that Festus Iyayi died in an accident (RIP, sir). I remembered his book Violence and I decided to get a copy of it and read it again. Anyone who hasn't read it and is interested should let me know, I will mail you the pdf version.
Please give me suggestions what book should I read next?
I also started my water cleanse (it means I will only take water and fruits; no drinks) I did it for a week and fell like a pack of cards when I saw a bottle of CWAY Apple drink (that drink is life).I can feel it, few years from now, I will be the face of CWAY :). If you know anybody there let me know, ka anyi kpa ego (lets talk money) hehe :D

So how have you guys being? What new in your life? Let me know!!!!
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