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This month i have received alot of heart breaking news especially Chaz B's death yesterday and this evening i found out that an old coursemate was sick with leukemia and it broke my heart..
Bash used to be a student of Covenant University, but he left as he fell ill often. He transferred to FUTA and early this year they discovered he was sick with Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia(Cancer of the Blood). He needs 11 million naira to stay alive and only 1.3 million naira has been gotten.
I urge you this day to put a smile on the faces of the Bashoruns. Lets make this Christmas beautiful for them and 2015 even better. Your 1000 naira will go a long way. Nothing is too small.Let's do more than say a prayer, let's contribute.
We might not be able to bring the persons we lost during the course of the year back to life, but we can see to it that this young man stays alive and lives life to the fullest. God bless you..
For more enquiries call: Seun Bashorun on 08132047374
Account details
Diamond Bank Plc
Account name : Bashorun Oluwaseyanu
Account number : 0055612503


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Part of my morning ritual is checking Facebook for updates from the interesting raconteurs I follow. Today I checked it as usual and I saw an RIP message addressed to Dr Myles Munroe, I thought it was another rumor, this wasn’t the first time someone would spread death rumors about popular people ;hadn't they said the same about Bill Cosby, 2face Idibia?!  The list is endless. I scrolled again, I saw another update from another friend with the same message. My fears were confirmed.
Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe with their daughter and friends had passed on. Being the dramatic person I am , I threw caution to the winds and I wept. I couldn't justify my tears. I kept saying, 'ifeoma, why the tears?!' I wept because I was just tired, this life is so fickle.. This life that Abubakar Shekau is still alive and killing kids in Yobe,this life that the ISIS still thrives and good people just pass on, it's difficult to come to terms with.
I don’t know how this life works, good people die and rapists, pedophiles, murderers who remain unrepentant get a second chance.
I was just thinking, why was his death not less painful, whatever happened to dying in your sleep?!  why did his whole family have to be on that trip with him?!
See how we kill ourselves over who will continue our lineage, our name. A man and his family died and his legacy still lives on. We forget that our kids are not our legacy, but our good works.
God knows I might never understand why these things happen, but when people like this die, I take time out for self appraisal. What is your legacy?! Are You Ready for life after death?! If you are really honest, are you really living or you are just existing?!  If you die now, will you be dying empty, or you will just be a statistic?! So many questions to ask. I feel like I am rambling, so I will just stop.
Dr Myles lived a good life. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord.
                  Ifeoma N.


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I didn’t announce before leaving but I got posted to Imo state for the compulsory one year service to my country. My whole family was happy, afterall it wasn't the north.
Everyone told me how camp was fun!! My morale was high!  I got to umudi camp, nkwerre local government and the smile on my face was wiped off!! I wanted to leave the minute I stepped in.
Below are the ways I can think, will make camp bearable :
1. Let your expectations be low: What i really mean is hope for the worst, expect the worst. Do you know my shock when I arrived camp and saw nursing mothers with their new born babies??Or when my friend woke me up by 3am to bath?! I tied my towel and I said, 'Oya wey the bathroom?!' She said, 'Ifeoma, na outside you go baff. A part of me died there, I felt violated. Me, Ifeoma the daughter of Mr Nwawe is bathing outside, with boys passing by and shining torchlight!! I didn't spend 5 years in school for this foolishness.
2. Don't go with cross country : I know it's already late bgy now. Those people ooze unprofessionalism, the annoying part is that you can't smell it until you are too close.. I arrived camp by 11:30pm, now you get my point.
3. Unleash the gangster/tout  in you:
To be frank, NYSC is not for calm people especially during the registration period. The registration is for 'awon ota'. You know Nigerians and their hatred for due process. If your fake close up smile won't grant you access in the registration hall, you might as well just push. Or better still take your time, afterall you have 21 days to spend there.
4. Forgive them for they know not what they do : People will piss you off, I promise!! It could either be by virtue of what they say or even how they reason. Please don't take offense. People with different schools of thoughts and funny modes of reasoning. Ignore them, if laughing is difficult.
5. The married people :Am I the only one who thinks, most married persons who partake in the nysc scheme can be very annoying and bossy?!
I be like:So because of that gold thing on your hand, I no go hear word abi?!  Ngwanu, continue..
The part that pisses me off is when they feel the need to pray for you the minute they know you have not started planning your wedding. Biko, did I beg you?!  if I want husband, won't I ask God?!  what is my mouth now for??
6. The local champions : You see this people when you are selecting platoon leaders. They won't let you rest, they are everywhere like evil spirits. Ehn, I was the head coach in my department at school, I even followed Nigeria to the Olympics last year. Or. I was social prefect in my secondary school, vote me for head of socials. After you vote them, they are not available when needed and perform poorly. Sigh.
7. Soldiers:The soldiers in my camp were wonderful!!  I am not saying this because my camp commandant was cute!! *covers face *.But they were really funny. Let me announce on this platform that soldiers can't influence your posting, they are not in the administative arm of Nysc, so don't go and start opening body for them.
8. Carry your own money :Chances are you won't like the meals served in the kitchen. It's not like maami market is any better. Just know it could have been worse. Buy your things yourself. People have a warped sense of reasoning. Nothing goes for free.
9. Carry your toiletries and stationery :Things might be unnecessarily pricey.
10. Make friends : I made some incredible friends during the camp period.. I hope you do too..
11. If participating in activities will make the 21 days easy to bear, then do so.
12. Join a religious group :Its very possible to get lost in camp, it's important that you maintain a spiritual connection with God. NYSC can be all shades of frustrating, you will need to stick with God to keep you going. Not only do you need them for spiritual growth, you will need them after passing out parade as many of them make transportation arrangements for corp members to their place of assignment.
I wish you all the best in your various camps. Have a wonderful service year. :-*
I would have loved to upload some pictures but network dey one kain.
                Ifeoma N.
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