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Fasting period
Saturday 17th,2015
Iya: Oma there is akara and bread. Will you eat?!
Me:(smiles foolishly) Yes!!
Iya:Oya, go and take
Me: Thank you!!

Iya: Let's pray
Me:( sluggishly gets out of the bed) ehm, I am coming
Iya: I don't know where you will take this attitude to, you are not spiritual. Too lazy. I asked you if you will eat bread, you said yes and added thank you.  And you know we are fasting and you said yes. Your case is with God.
Me: Bhet, iya you asked me..
Iya: So if I teII you to jump inside fire, you will jump?! Please close your mouth and eyes lets pray.
I am just sitting there like you betrayed me by testing me with food. You shouldn't have.
For many of us seeking the face of the Lord on the altar of prayer and fasting may all our heart desires be granted. The black man blood in us must keep pumping, we won't die on the line.
Have a wonderful week ahead.
Ifeoma N.


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princess bad selfjI heard my friend whining about how she had been unemployed for a while and how her uncle who worked in one of Nigeria's biggest bank was at ease and never asked for her CV.
I am there thinking, in this new year, we are blaming people for our misfortunes,already?
I was a little ticked off. How did she get to this stage of entitlement? Who deserves joblessness? Who?
So because someone is/might be related to you by blood, it is the person's job to become your Jesus? The answer to your many problems?
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