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At the end of last year, I tweeted that all I wanted for Christmas was a Michael Kors wristwatch, I was hoping that maybe one of my many friends will vex and buy for me, whish kain, all of them just carry face up like say dem no see am. 
One of my classmates  Ade tweeted back at me and said, 'Ifeoma, I will buy for you, don't worry". Me no know say na yimu d boy dey give me (remind me to deal with him Mafia style)
When I started IT, I took up online window shopping as my new hobby, I finally checked their website and I discovered that the cheapest Michael Kors watch was £160 , where I drop money, biko?
What have I not done for this watch? I have sold my younger sister sef, upon all, no show.
Last Saturday, my mum and i went to Lagos market to get somethings and i reminded her that my old watch got  bad after weeks of hitting it and i needed a new one. Na im she carry me go Jankara, in that place i saw my beloved Michael Kors, the price was unbelievable #1600, for the first time in my life, I didn't feel like pricing( who are we deceiving, I still priced it).. My watch was knock off but who cares? Na so I begin send message to all my friends.
Fashion is ridiculously expensive, its hard to be a big girl in Lagos especially when you don't have a source of income, choi!! It can pain!!
My friend Layo and I are unapologetic about liking the fine things of life even if it means getting the knock-off. Trust me, its not feeling among o!!  We would rather buy our sunglasses from mallams than in air conditioned shops (its not like we have a choice). We even know how to improvise to make any red lipstick look like a MAC Ruby Woo. We are that good!!But we will never carry a Guggi bag to replace Gucci, we are not that tacky.
This post is dedicated to all girls like me, we are all in this together. One day, our song will be Drake's 'started from the bottom'. 
Farabale, we will get there... Have a fabulous weekend.. :*
                                                                   Ifeoma N.


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Hello,How was your weekend? Mine was great, I was at Dumebi's house this weekend and i had a blast!! From going to Jakande Market to shop for food ingredients(not clothes like some people thought), to learning how to cook fried rice and downing it with a cup of Carlo Rossi, which i mixed with strawberry Ribena (all my friends have being insulting me for that singular act).

On Sunday, we went to House on the Rock and i must say that Pastor Paul and Ifeanyi Adefarasin are the most beautiful people I have seen, they are so down-to-earth!!! The service was great from the praise session down to the long benediction a visiting Zambian pastor led (I was proud to be Nigerian for 15 mins, lol).
After service, Dums prepared better white rice and stew for us: that babe na beta wife material o!! After a while we carried our two left legs to V.I for Dums to make her hair. When we got there she asked for the price to relax her hair and the woman said 2k (yepa, ni tori kini?) and we never fix hair o!!We couldn't even go back, the kain waka wey we waka no be gist for today, and the other day I was complaining that i relaxed hair for 800 naira. Dont you think all these people that set up businesses on the Island are robbers? Tom-Tom is N10, Peak milk is N50, ki re? Lekki is not London o!!
Well my weekend was really memorable, hope yours was? Have a fabulous week ahead.
                                                                                       Ifeoma N.


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I have being missing from the blogosphere. I'm so sorry..
We all know 2face is LEGEND wait for it.. DARY. But I didn't expect him to pull this song off this well, but he did.
Dr Victor Olaiya still has my respect, Baby Jowo the original made popular by OGD All stars is wonderful, but the remix is just AMAZING
The video was directed by Kunle Afolayan and features Kemi 'Lala' Akindoju.
Hope you enjoy it, like I did have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Ifeoma N.

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