by 19:22
This is a rant!!

You know how you go to the salon and you meet a customer who has an attitude? You don't like her because you think she is really being rude . But do you notice something? Her hair gets done. She looks fabulous and you with all your humility pant dey wear you.
I have noticed that these Lagos stylists don't listen. Especially the ones on the island, all that attitude when you are not even a pro in your craft? Will you gerrarahere? I am managing you and you
Today I went to the salon with my receeding hairline and i told the babe, 'sofri sofri, please pretend that these edges don't exist .Ignore them. If the devil tells you to pick them. Tell him not to lead you into temptation'.


by 10:22

It's teacher's appreciation day!! I think we don't celebrate our teachers enough. Teaching is one profession that requires a lot of stamina both physical and emotional.
For me, it can be a heartbreaking venture.

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