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I’m a blog junkie and one of my favorite blogs is On-Air-Personality Toke Makinwa’s blog.
On Wednesday s, she has this vlog series that she hosts and for some reason, I find myself looking forward for it. I watched one of the vlogs which she titled, ‘Intervention’. Let me give a summary of what she spoke about:
A babe sent a mail concerning her friend who has been dating a married man for 5 years and  the man keeps complaining about his wife and he continues saying he wants a divorce, meanwhile he has added a child or two to his football team!!!!!!!
Toke advised that she should better hurry up and leave the man, that whether she likes it or not, he will keep going back to his wife and kids every night. At the end of the day, wifey wins?(I guess???). But what really is the price? The fact that she gets to share the bed with him every night or she cleans up after him when he messes up?
The knowledge that my spouse comes home to me and my kids after cheating is no consolation. For me cheating is betrayal of trust which is the real pain in any heart break. It’s just a case of bad investment, you can’t tell me to stay because you keep coming home every night. It’s highly unacceptable.
All this How about he remains faithful throughout the whole day and later at night he warms my bed (you like the idea abi? *winks*)
I think this whole returning home at night is BS and in my head, it is giving him a pat on the back.
Cheating on your partner is never OK!! Whether you come home every night or once a week. Let’s stop calling a spade an agricultural tool, it’s a freaking spade!!  
You made promises; you took vows stick to it.
N.B: No cheating boo or hubby is allowed in my space. You try me take you out mafia style, osiso. #aintnobodygattymfordat
I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while, school work has been stressful.
Please pardon me and my funny titles..
Can we all agree that I might be having identity crisis with the blog template? Please let me know what you think of this one. A friend said it looks like card board. Oh, well, the people I move with right?!
How has your week been? Let me know!!
                                                                Ifeoma N.

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