by 19:07
Growing up in the 90's and comparing it to now, its so funny how things have changed. So I will be listing out my Once Upon A Time moments and comparing it to the present.

  • Once upon a time, bleaching was synonymous to illiteracy. It was only the iya onigos, iya eleja, iya eleran, iya ata that bleached. Now, I see babes with good education even with MBA's bleaching. Is it that they dint know that bleaching causes skin cancer or that bleaching your skins, will not bleach your genes?
  • Once upon a time, when you clocked 21, your parents threw a party for you, it involved rented canopies, food cooked by a slightly obese woman who thinks her size is good marketing for her catering skills and Yinka Ayefele's music playing in the background, with cakes shaped in '21' or a Bible, with scriptures like you are the light of the world inscribed on it and covered with pink icing depending on your gender. Now thanks to Instagram, you see hash tags like #turndownke #nikini #forwhat #birthdaywithmylovelies. I cant help but think out loud, who pays for this birthday dinners, the celebrant or everyone pays for their own food? Did I beg to be invited? Don't we all miss the days of attending parties with steaming jollof rice, coleslaw and stewed beef?
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