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Sad JoyHello!!!! I know i wont be winning favorite blogger of the year but i promise (*goes down on knees*) that 2014 will be so much better.. Before i forget Merry Christmas in arrears.. How was your Christmas? Mine had a lot of activities and it didn't include turning up, i was babysitting.. I spent the holidays with my cousin and it was overwhelming.. Having kids is not quite glamorous, i don't know how celebs make it look easy..
So on Christmas day, I cooked fried rice for the family and it was nice :).The reduced bride-price must increase. If i continue at this rate my bride price will soon escalate to pounds and no Nigerian man will be able to pay it, na only expatriate :|
Back to the matter...


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Can we all agree that Pastor Paul Adefarasin is one beautiful man (inside and outside??). The idea behind THE EXPERIENCE is such a wonderful one. The thought of bringing worshipers around Lagos just to worship God is applaudible and the best part is that it is FREE!!!
This was my first experience and i must say that i was wowed. I was having second thoughts, because I was thinking of worse case scenarios: what if they steal my phone ( God replied, Ifeoma you use a china phone, trust me nobody will steal it) and He was right.
The Experience was beautiful, the performance by different artistes were electrifying from Freke, Midnight Crew (my favorite), Tye Tribett (the guy has so much energy), Donnie McClurkin, Cece, Frank Edwards, Don Moen, Mike Aremu.
I couldn't help shouting #TURNUPFORJESUS at every performance.
Even the MC's voice was bursting my brain, I actually thought it was BBA'S IK but after my investigation on twira, I found out it was the Asst Pastor HOTR.
I was also impressed at the level of security: everyone that could inflict pains on erring persons were present; from soldiers, to police officers, to personal bodyguards. They were everywhere, they even caught one guy, if you see see wetin dem take the boy eye see, no be today we go talk am.
Well this post is for people who will be attending The Experience 9. These are the rules of survival:


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I heard the news that Nelson Mandela had passed on via twitter. During the day I was just discussing with my mum and how I felt they should take him off life support so he would finally go and rest.

My mum said South Africans just wanted him alive as he stood for a lot of things. In other words, he was their hero. He gave them his youth; maybe that’s why they all kept praying that he would stay alive.

Madiba was one of a kind.  He fought for freedom, justice, democracy, he came out of jail He lived a life of relevance, one of compassion for his fellow man. Mandela stood for equality for the black man. He can be compared to the Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa of his time.

After all is said and done I can only pray that all he fought for while alive doesn’t die with him.

Nelson Mandela deserves to be celebrated because as Africans we all know that there might be no leader like him in a very long time. We know that no leader will give up their youth just to right a wrong. 

I know this piece doesn’t do Madiba justice, but I am still choosing to celebrate him.

In the words of Wole Soyinka, "The soul of Africa has departed, and there is nothing miraculous left in the world."

When you are gone, what will people say about you and i don't mean the nice things people say at funerals just to let time pass. Whatever people say on that they will they mean it? Will it actually be the truth? Live a life of purpose, strive to leave a legacy behind, reach out and help others..

RIP Nelson Mandela, sleep well in the bosom of our Lord.


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