I applied for The Platform’s Young Professionals Bootcamp because Chude Jideonwo was going to be a part of it, for the past 1year I have been a Chude fan girl and I got chosen.

So yeah for me!

We had an interesting lineup

To be honest I needed that win. 2016 had been one kain for me. It was such an underwhelming year for me, well maybe not really, maybe I am exaggerating how bad the year was. Yes, Ifeoma you are exaggerating.

So on Wednesday we set out to The Covenant Place, Iganmu for registration. Everything was so wonderful, the attention to detail was impeccable, and we had these fancy folders, notepads, and name tags. I was just like et tu Nigeria? So this whole thing was organized by Nigerians for Nigerians? What?

See how fancy my name looks😁

We had coaster buses come to pick us up, we were given jollof rice and barbeque chicken (the popping kind, for someone who is a white rice enthusiast, that jollof hit the right spot) and off we moved to Christopher’s University, Mowe, Nigeria.

Fam, we were treated like royalty!!! I am not even aggrandizing my experience.

At UniChris we met with the Vice Chancellor and just like every Nigerian intellectual he had to give a speech, if not how will we know he is a Prof?

We were divided into rooms and I had the best roommates, I called us the #PepperDem Squad, we were constantly serving face and slaying if I say so myself. But those girls were everything.

#PepperDem Squad

Our general classes were always interactive, that is why the lawyers in the building did not let us rest. Why can’t lawyers just stay in a place without showing themselves? But I get them, if I had a law degree, I will go round speaking spri spri too. So it’s all good.

I was in the Creative/Media stream, best guys to be honest. They had a lot of energy. Until it was time for our project defense. You see when you have too many creative people in one place, that’s trouble waiting to happen. I have an engineering background so everything is just funny to watch. But I have nothing but love for that group.


So these are my conclusions/ observations
  • There is hope for Nigeria. See I am not ‘boboing’ you, I am not a very optimistic person about Nigeria. I am actually unlearning my pessimism towards Nigeria, so let me explain this newly found optimism. You know any gathering with Nigerians is characterized with theft, fights and do you know who I am? I stayed in a place for five days and everyone was just jolly. We have good people in this country, don't give up.
    Beautiful people!!

  •  Get involved. I am guilty of this. I am unnecessarily self-righteous when it comes to politics. My countenance is always,' Ah! These corrupt politicians, bla bla bla'. That’s why I have not been able to get angry at Buhari, that's probably why Hilary is not president because some people felt,'Ooh, they are all bad guys'. Democracy is an imperfect system, and it’s not designed to make everybody happy, but you will be happier knowing that you performed your civic duties to the best of your ability.
  • Focus is key. That was my take home from that meeting. Every speaker spoke about the power of focus and it wasn't even planned. I learnt that a life without focus will make you spread yourself thin as you can't give your 100% to different interests.
  • Unlearn your nos. Bask in the euphoria that you are born in this interesting time. nothing is actually impossible. We actually take our privileges for granted.
  • At each point of your life, it will be required of you to give back to the ones coming after you. I hope you take it. I just want to thank all our facilitators and the organizers of this event, they are the real super heroes, and Superman can’t actually sit with them. Huge thanks to Pst. Poju, Chika Nwobi, Ayokunnu Ojeniyi, Bayo Owolabi, Kunle Fadiora, Kunbi Adesoye, Mayokun, Tayo, Akonam, Yemi, Abiola, Maurice Igugu and our volunteers. Thank you for all you do and all you did. It’s my prayer that the good Lord rewards you.

  • Who started this no new friends foolishness? Yes to old friends, but yes to increasing your tribe of good people. Its okay to make new friends its not a frivolous act.You are not an isolated unit connect with people not because you may need them in future but because apart from being resources that are human first.
  • Whatever you do in your lifetime leave this Lagos. May it not be written on your epitaph,' There lies a girl that lived her whole life in Lagos'. That will be the greatest tragedy. When I got to Oyingbo after the bus dropped us at Iganmu, I realized that Lagos is mad, but you have to let Lagos know that she is not the only one that can run mad. The air is different here, I am not even joking.
  • I just realized how much I like people serving me. Wow. I want to talk about the food we got served every day. Brethren, it was the meal fit for gods. Every meal hit the right spots. It’s not everyday people slay meals for a large number of people.
So here is to good people, stronger bonds, positive vibes et al. I am a YPB Fellow and it feels good!!
Guys, this is where I draw the curtain. I am ready for 2016 to end.
Stepping into 2017 like a woman of valor

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