I decided to start a new column this year, where I do a weekly review of events that happened what I think and declare winners and dish out Ls for losers to chop.

This idea came on one of those days I planned to meet up with Layo, the plan was to make a video while she drove and she will be my co-presenter for banter sake.

That date did not happen because life happens, so I decided to just write till I am ready to start the YouTube channel, but what is a YouTube channel without a white man as a co-presenter and husband?
I digressed.

So on this week's winners and losers.

1. Nigerians
We are aware of the Feb. 6th peaceful protest that held. Major shout out to everyone that showed up. Thank you for coming out and letting your voices be heard.
I will ignore the ones that said they will show up and give 2face support, but Feb. 6th came and they just Ray Charles the protest. I am not judging you.. Maybe I am.

2. TuFace Idibia: 
It would have been nice to see him follow through with the protest, but I will celebrate little victories like pushing for the protest. TuFace has some level of success, so I know he will be fine whether or not he pushed for the protest. It takes a level of selflessness to do this. That is why I will be addressing the idiots at the back in the losers section.
In Nigeria, we have this 'na my neighbour roof dey born, so e no concern me' behaviour, so if someone who knows that his roof is not going to burn anytime soon, decides to exercise his right as a citizen. I think we should applaud him.

1. Gordons:
Let me tell you about Gordons, his only claim to fame is jokes that are terribly unfunny and adding 'Hallelu', then recently he bleached the hair under his chin (that's not a beard) blonde and got a piercing and walks around with a diamond stud. 

So imagine my shock when he calls 2face an illiterate and says something about 2face using his medium i.e. singing just like Fela instead of leading a protest.

First of all, you don't come for 2face, you do not, especially when you are Gordons, know your level and stay there.

Secondly, I hate how these simpletons use us to practise eloquence when a camera and microphone is placed in front of them.

It is one thing to say I am not protesting because I am not interested, but to say I think the convener is stupid because he is not doing it the way people before him have done it is just stupid. You see someone who is using his platform to ask questions because things are not working and you are saying ‘Enter studio and release another redemption song’. How many songs of freedom do we really need, before we go to the streets?

If you will not put in work, don’t tell someone that is ready to put in the work that it’s not possible. Its plain rude.

What I ultimately found disgusting was the apology after. I don’t get it. How do I say this? You can’t be a clod this minute and the next day you are Solomon the wise. No. sir. A leopard does not change its spots even Bobriskyy’s cream will not fix that.
Be an idiot with your chest.

Here is the link:

2. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
A video was circulated on Monday, Asiwaju was being interviewed and when he was asked about the current state of the country, he gave his usual 'we are cooking beans not indomie' yarn.

He should have left it there. When asked about the forex situation, his response was 'You are earning in Naira, how does FX affect you'.
Is that someone that is normal?

The political class in Nigeria is very dismissive of the Nigerian citizen. During the elections, you see them ready to roll on the ground so you can step on them, they come enticing people with bags of rice and low quality T-shirt. After the elections, you can’t even get them to select their, ministers, they won’t even address you directly, and then when you complain their media aides say you are still in election mode.

2019 is coming and I pray we make better decisions. I pray we have better options.

3. Military Police
Well, some members of the military police, I am not ready for the ‘not all’ brigade to sweep in and tell me,’ Oh, my uncle is in the military police and is very kind’. I really don’t care.

Have you seen the video of a handicapped man getting assaulted by members of the military police, because he was putting on a camouflage attire?

Can we talk about how members of the Armed Forces are constantly harassing the citizens they have sworn to protect? This happens over and over and nobody talks about it names, batch numbers, ranks are not mentioned. The news refers to them as ‘Members of the military police’. I am sure this case will die a natural death, it will end up being one of those things. I really hope it does. I really hope that man finds justice.

But I have questions.

What is the price of a Nigerian life? Why are we so inhumane? When did we lose our humanity? Why are we so quick to teach people who have ‘erred’ a lesson? It’s like we forgot our empathy at home, and God knows I have patience, so I will be waiting till we go back home and get it.

Here is the link, I can't find it on YouTube:

So that is today's episode of Winners and Losers, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you feel I didn't mention any winner or loser, mention it in the comment section.

Enjoy your weekend.

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