Hi guys!!
It’s been a while init?
A lot has happened in my life in the past few months, let me give a quick recap:

  • I turned 25 on the last day of April. Guess who is few years away from being called a woman of substance and virtue at a Nigerian wedding as the MC directs me to the high table? This one!! I will soon be dropping nuggets for these younggins and start addressing them as ‘children of nowadays’. What a time to be alive!

This should be my new blog image

  • I changed jobs in April and I had a variety of emotions running through my head. I didn't know how to react to the news. I was happy at first then the panic came. I was thinking 'Is this the right move?'. Let's just call it the fear of the unknown. At first I was concerned about fitting in but these days I don't care anymore about that, I am just happy that it feels less awkward now. I guess I am some moments away from feeling like this is home. Poco a poco.

  • I fixed my nails: I have an entire post on this. I have mixed feeling about false nails. They are so pretty but for a first time fixer I hated how it messed up with my real nails. But I also hate painting my real nails and it gets chipped in 2days if I decide not to wash plates or clothes. My friend advised that I tell my nail person to use nail glue as its kinder to my real nails ( I didn't know it was a thing). Now that this is off my list, I might as well fix false lashes and complain after or just invest in a good mascara. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. 
See how my nail was messed up?

  • I am learning how to drive in old age and I don’t like it and this is what this post is about. While I save up for driving school, my cousin advised that I take driving lessons from her driver considering the fact that most Nigerians  actually learn how to drive informally. I think this is great as I like driving with Mr Suru and he is the King of banter. But what I can't take away from Mr Suru is the fact that he is a terrible teacher. Our lessons start like this:
Mr Suru:Madam Oya on motor, work don start like this.
(I struggle to put my legs on the clutch and thottle then he says, 'Madam e be like say you dey forget something quick quick'.)
Me: Side eye 😒😒😒
(I move the car again then he says,'Oya, match brake')

Me: Stops car abruptly
Mr Suru:Madam if you do am like this for express you go spoil person car and na English una go dey speak, una go come cause traffic come cause traffic for road. Oya start am again
Me: Starts car and stops abruptly at his order again
Mr Suru: Madam, this thing no be power power, na brain work. Madam you don forget again, but you go school nah? Me wey no go school, I sabi drive, why you no learn this thing.

*then he gives me pep talk*

Mr Suru: Shebi you sabi drive bicycle? Na the same thing. 
Me: Mr Suru how you go talk say na the same thing? You don see where person use bicycle jam person?
Mr Suru:Even plane sef na the same thing, e no hard. Madam when  you dey enter danfo dey siddon for front dey look driver.
Me: But danfo no dey get key
Mr Suru: E no mean na the same thing

On one fateful day Mr Suru thought I was ready for the highways and convinced me to enter Lekki expressway. Lets just say my brain froze and I was a mess and we all know Lagos drivers have litttle or no patience for my kind. They were honking their horns, danfo drivers were throwing waka at me like it was Frisbee. I was just happy I was brave enough to park by the side of the road and have Mr Suru take over.
I look forward to driving, there is this sense of responsibility and independence that comes with it but other than that I think driving is stress and its better to be driven, I am so in love with the Oga Madam life. I also think manual cars need to go, it doesn't have to be this stressful moving from point A to B. 

Whenever I finish my classes, I am sweating and hungry which is interesting because it takes a lot to get me to sweat. Remember that time I walked from Lekki to Falomo, I did not sweat but all that hand movement and stepping on breaks has me breaking out in fluids.

Few days after the  my cousin encouraged me to drive her automatic car from the supermarket to our house (a short distance) and I got to the front of the gate and almost bashed her car and I was shook.
Shook because I could have just destoyed her car, Shook because gbese. Ah!!
Since that day I have not gone near a car except I will be driven.

I went driving school hunting and I think its quite pricey (42-50k) and it doesn't even come with drivers license so I need recommendations. Help!!!

At what age did you learn how to drive? Did you start with manual or an automatic car? Are all driving teachers annoying or is it exclusive to Mr Suru? How long did it take you to learn, were you a fast learner? 

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