Hi Guys!!
There is no excuse for my inconsistency with this column, so I will just apologise. I am sorry, because to who much is given much is expected.

So far so good, a lot has happened, one scandal here another there. There is no time to recover from one, then you get dished another.

And to be honest, I love it!!!

What is the life of a blogger if there is no chaos to generate think-pieces from? So yes to chaos
So this week I decided to not dash anyone L or W, because they know themselves. So we will just be heading into the stories.
  1. #5KBae
  2. Kemi Olunloyo an David Ibiyeomie
  3. Stephanie Otobo, Dr Lizzy and Apostle Suleman
  4. Lagos State Government
  5. Dino Melaye

This is not news, but if you are not aware let me give a brief summary.
Somewhere on Ibadan twitter a guy with the twitter handle @PabloAyodeji was mad furious because he asked a girl out on a date and after the date she refused to be in a relationship with him.
In fewer words he was mad because she she said no after he ‘spent’ on her.

Imagine someone calling you a broke ass hugry bitch because he spent #1,900 on you. I am actually hurt.

Babe enters the place. No insults, nothing, she gives a breakdown of their expenses and makes a transfer and dashes him ‘#1,200 for transport.

She literally snatched my receding hairline. Girl!!! How did you even get his account number?
And she did not say anything again.
Brands have jumped on the trend and they are rewarding the babe, because not every time be the bigger person sometimes clap back.
But I am so happy Pablo tweeted that, because it shows how entitled the average Nigerian man is when they buy you stuff. Dude actually made a thread because a woman said no, what if he now took her to Four Points.
Going on a date is like going for an audition, you didn’t get chosen boo boo, keep it moving.
Here is to women who are tired of men that come with their pre-installed BS.

So Ms Kemi has a reputation of slandering people and most people are used to leaving her to God, this thing about Nigerians and religion.
Well this time around she came for Pastor Ibiyomie and she expected him to respond on the pulpit but Baba was not having it.
He sent his people to meet her people.
And everyone is going on and about how Jesus forgave us our sins. I call BS.
David Ibiyeomie aint Jesus, and beyond that, we should hold people accountable. If you decide to defame someone don't be mad if they choose to come at you with the law.
You know why talk is cheap, people like Kemi Olunloyo should not be engaged.
If the pastor wants to exercise his right as a victim seeking redress, he has done nothing wrong and there is no injustice here.

I am all for holding leaders (pastors and politicians) accountable. In Nigeria it’s easy to call a politician to order, but call a pastor out and everyone is quoting, ’Touch not my anointed’.

Let me share some good news with you, are you aware that if your pastor is called out for doing something wrong, it’s not an attack on God? It's people trying to address an issue, it's saying because of your posioton as a leader you should know better. It’s not even about him.

So that is why the theatrics is a little confusing. From Apostle calling Stephanie’s mom to his church and saying,’ I forgive your daughter’. But you and I know that came from a place of arrogance. What was that all about? Then telling his members to knock themselves if they believed that story.

Dude what is there not to believe? We have screenshotted evidence but that’s not the issue right now.

Can I address Dr. Lizzy’s music video? I just want to give this family a standing ovation for props. Did you see that video? Why are they both wearing turtle necks in that video? Is Nigeria no longer hot? Dr. was chasing Apostle in the midst of foliage, best clap back ever.
I will have this charade over 3 years of waiting for a robust response.

But you married people are enjoying sha! You will act a fool and someone will make a music video dedicated to you.

Stephanie, Stephanie Stephanie. Girl!! wyd? Like you are really milking this publicity thing, but I will like to address your wig, what inspired that ugly braided pink wig? You must have felt you were Nicki Minaj, you actually felt you would wear that and we wouldn’t notice?

*Let me focus*

Why are you acting like the victim? Did Apostle really say he will marry you? Girl, if you say you had an affair with him, that I will believe, but to tell me that a Nigerian pastor with some level of fame told you he will leave his wife? Girl you tripping.
It’s okay that you are hurt, but stop with the interviews, you have become a joke.
Last time I checked heart break was not yet an offence, until that happens you don't have a case.

I have an issue with this government, its their cut the head behaviour when there is a slight headache, you do realise you can use paracetamol to take care of this situation.
LSG in recent times has made it a point of duty to put the people of Otodo Gbame under stress, they have constantly sent members of the armed forces to send these ones away from their homes and I think its the worst kind of injustice.

I get it, they don't fit into the Lagos mega city vision, but I hate that they have not created an alternative for them.  As you have sent these ones away from their homes, what is the plan?

I hate how the government treats poor people. These people are victims of a system that was supposed to protect them.

Let me tell you this for free, whatever happens make sure you don't end up poor in Nigeria. The Nigerian life has no value (that motivational speaker lied), then imagine your life being laden with poverty?
I really can't imagine.


Dino is everything wrong with Nigeria. I will just leave it here, because his matter will fill a whole foolscap sheet. If he is not abusing his wife, he is disrespecting Remi Tinubu, he is behaving like a money miss road or just being an all round halfwit.

Dino actually made a video singing war chants, wore an academic gown to one of the house seating. Dude really?

I said I would not talk about it, so I am done.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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